About us

Japan-Pension-Refund.com is run by Hoshi Labor consulting in Tokyo.
We are Certified Social Insurance Attorneys and experts in Japanese Social Security related laws.
We help all foreigners living in Japan and who used to lived in Japan.
Please contact us any questions about your pension refund. We will be very grateful to help you.

About Hoshi Labor Consulting

Hoshi Labor Consulting is a certified labor consulting firm that operates mainly in Tokyo. We work closely as an adviser of labor and employment issue. You窶冤l benefit from Hoshi Labor Consulting窶冱 exceptional client service. To help you address workplace legal issues most effectively, Hoshi Labor Consulting will help;

Statutory Social Insurance Procedures

There are four types of statutory social insurance for workers in Japan. In principle, these insurance policies apply to foreign workers, too. But in some cases, there are some exceptions or special treatments for foreigners. We take all kinds of procedures for you in the best way.

Draw up Work Rules

The Labor Standards Law stipulates that the company or organization which continuously employs 10 or more workers must draw up the Work Rules and submit them to the Director of Labor Standard Inspection Office. We help you draw them up both in Japanese and English.

Labor Consulting

Labor disputes on dismissal, over-time work, mental health, sexual harassment has been increasing. Please consult our specialist. We give you legally effective solutions.