Who is eligible

Pension Refund is granted to persons who satisfy the following conditions;

  1. Person who is within 2 years after leaving Japan
  2. Persons who do not possess Japanese citizenship.
  3. Persons who have paid National Pension Insurance contributions for 6 months or more or Employees Pension Insurance contributions for 6 months or more.
  4. Persons who do not have a place of residence in Japan (only those who had a proper visa on or after November 9, 1994 and then left Japan).
  5. Persons who have never been qualified for receipt of pension benefits (including Disability Allowance).

Persons who have an enrollment period of pension in countries which have concluded agreements of aggregation of pension with Japan (as of January, 2010, Germany, the United States, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Czech) may receive Japanese as well as agreement partner countries' pension by summing up enrollment periods of pension on the specific requirements. However, if you receive the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment, please note that the period corresponding to the paid amount cannnot be summed up.