Q1. Can you calculate and feed back with my Pension refund amount?

A1. Yes. Please contact us with e-mail or FAX with filling your information in this >format. We will get back to you within 3 days after the receipt of your info.

Q2. How long will it take to get my Pension refund money?

A2. It will take about 6 months to get your Pension refunded.

Q3. How long will it take to get my Tax refund which was taxed on my Pension?

A3. It will take 2-6 months after we submit your original copy of of "Notice on Payment of the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment" to the Japanese tax office.

Q4. Please let me know what to prepare before applying for my Pension refund?

A4. You need followings;
  1. Lump-sum Withdraw Payment Arbitration Bill (National Pension/Employees' Pension Insurance)
  2. Pension Book ( It is blue colored. If you do not have your pension book, you should still be able to complete your application as long as you have your basic pension number. Be sure to fill in all required information in the appropriate section of the claim form.)
  3. A photocopy of your passport (page(s) showing your name, date of birth, nationality, signature, work visa, and the date of departure from Japan)
  4. A document (copy of your bank statement, bank passbook, etc.) verifying the bank name, branch office name, branch address, bank account number, and the full name of the account holder (must be your own). Make sure that you have the correct bank stamp before sending it.

Q5. How do I get to know how far the process goes?

A5. We will contact you at the start of the every single steps and let you know how far to the next step.

Q6. What is the Pension Book?

A6. The Pension Book is a small book that you should receive shortly after arriving in Japan. It should be either orange or blue, and the front should have four kanji that read 年金手帳 (Nenkin Techou). When it comes time for you to apply for your pension refund, you will need to send it in with your application. If your company or school is holding onto this for you be sure to get this from them before you leave the country.

Q7. What's if I can not find my Pension Book?

A7. Please fill out our forms which include "letter of attorney" and we will get your Pension information and apply for you.

Q8. I noticed yours and Social Insurance Agency site only list refund amounts for up to 36 months of enrollment. Does the amount continue to increase beyond 36 months?

A8. No, you can only have up to 36 months worth of pension payments refunded. This is a Social Insurance Agency regulation.

Q9. Can I apply for the pension refund from Japan?

A9. No, only those who have left Japan (and in doing so cancelled their alien registration by handing over their Alien Registration Card at the airport when departing) may apply.

Q10. Can you give me the estimation of how much pension I can get ?

A10. Yes. But we do not guarantee that you can get the exact amount of the estimation. Our estimate is based on your info and our experience. Naturally, the Japanese social insurance office has the final decision in your refund based on their systems. Plus, when the social insurance office sends your refund, they deduct 20% income tax from the refunded amount. But don't worry. We can also help you claim that back for you afterward.

Q11. I hold dual citizenship in Japan and USA. I worked in Japan as a Japanese nationality holder. Can I have my pension back?

A11. Yes, if you give up your Japanese citizenship and apply for your pension back afterward. But please note that America has concluded agreements of aggregation of pension (social security agreements) with Japan. So you may receive Japanese as well as American pension by summing up enrollment periods of pension on the specific requirements. However if you receive your Japanese Lump-sum withdrawal pension payment, please note that the period corresponding to the paid amount cannot be summed up.

Q12. Which countries have concluded agreements of aggregation of pension (social security agreements)with Japan?

A12. Germany, UK, Korea, USA, France, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Belgium, Czech, Spain, Ireland (as of April 2011 )